Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Q: Is it free to register and what do I need to register online?

A: Yes, it’s totally FREE to sign up. You only need a unique username and password to register online.


Q: How can I change my password?

A: On top of the page’s site, click your username. Click “Edit My Profile”. Click the “Settings”, then “General”. Please don’t forget to save it.


Q: Can I change my profile photo and how?

A: Yes you can. Find your username on top of the site then click “Edit My Profile”. Under “Profile” click “Change Profile Photo” then save.


Q: How can I submit a deal and what is the requirement? 

A: Log in to your account and then click “Submit a deal“.

  1. To make sure you are not submitting a duplicate deal, please type the code in the search bar and click search. If nothing appears then you can go ahead and submit your deal. Any duplicate deal will not get approved.
  2. Please read carefully and follow the instruction in filling out the form. If you do not fill out the form correctly, we may reject it. There are instructions and a sample post to make it easy for you to post.
  3. Please send deals preferably 30% off or higher. Since branded or popular brands, products that are in-demand usually only offer 10-20% off that is why we have some exceptions. The main purpose of this website is to promote great deals so we will pick the item that will pass our deal’s standard.
  4. The best deals will show up in the front page but you can still see it in the Community Share section of our site but if subscribers love it then it may also show in the “Most Rated” section which is on our sidebar. If you do not see your submitted post then it means it didn’t pass our standard.
  5. We may modify, edit, delete some contents if necessary.


Check how to post a deal: SCREENSHOT SAMPLE

Q: How would I know if my deal was posted?

A: If all the requirements in posting a deal were met, then it will get approved and will show up in the Community Share section of our site. The very good deal will also show up on the front page. If you do not see your deal posted it means your submitted deal did not meet our standard, the deal is no longer available, out of stock, huge price increase, and many other factors. You may also check back within 24-48 hours or maybe longer.

Due to the number of deals and messages, we receive every day, we may not able to respond and check your deal right away. Please be patient and we’ll try our best to answer and check your submitted deal.


Q: What should I do if I sent a wrong link, code or wrong info in my post?


A: Just click here and click “Public Message”. Let us know what part was needed to be changed and we’ll edit it for you. We do check deals being posted in our site so we will definitely message the member if it’s not working or something was wrong.


Q: How long will my deal stay on your site?


A: Deals will remain on our site as long as the deal is still active. If the deal is over, we will mark it “OFFER EXPIRED” and you will no longer see it on our front page. Although, it is still searchable on our site. If a year had passed and no more new offer deal on a particular item, we may remove it on our database/site. We may also remove it anytime if there is a report of a violation or legal issues.


Q: What will I do if I found a deal that was marked as expired but I have a new code or the price has a huge drop?

A: Please click the “Report Content” and include the new code, amount after code and your username so we can move it to your profile. Whoever got the new code or deal will get credit for the deal posted.

See screenshot below.

Q: Can I up-vote or down-vote my own deal?

A: I am sorry but no. Please do not up-vote or down-vote your own deal or ask someone to do it. We have logs and can figure out who’s manipulating the system. Anyone who will violate our community guidelines will be automatically get banned.


Q: If I already register am I going to automatically receive an email of all the deals in your site?

A: I am sorry but no. You also have to sign up with our newsletter so you will receive the posted deals in our site.


Q: What if I no longer want to receive any emails from you? What should I do?

A: You can always, click the “Unsubscribe” link on the email that we are sending you. If you are still getting an email, please give the full details, your username, and email address so we can totally remove you from our site. Our email address is [email protected] Please give us 24-72 hours to respond to your email.


Q: What if I want my product to be advertised?

A: You can send us an email at [email protected]


Our terms are subject to change without notice. If you have any more questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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