How to use a promo code or clip a coupon on Amazon

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Is this your first time to use a promo code on Amazon? Here’s how:

  • Just proceed to the page of the item you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart”.
  • Then click “Proceed to checkout”.
  • If you have your payment method set up then you will be directed to the checkout immediately.

#1. There’s a box under the payment method where you can enter your promo code or gift card.

#2. You will see that the promotion code was applied at the Order Summary.

#3. Click “Place your order” to complete your order.

Happy shopping!

Note: Please see the screenshot for your reference.

Is this your first time to clip a coupon on Amazon? Here’s how:

  • Usually, you can find the coupon below the price.
  • Just clip (or click) the green box with dotted lines so the discount will apply. (1)
  • When you have done the clicking, you will get this message: “<Discount price ($) or percentage (%)> extra savings coupon applied………” (2)
  • Then: either you click “Add to Cart” – OR – “Subscribe now”- OR – “One-time purchase”.

See the screenshot below for reference.

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Enter promo code at checkout or clip the coupon, if any. Is this your first time? You can check our guide here. (Applicable for Amazon Deals only). No Amazon Prime account yet? Try the 30-day free trial here.

Price (before tax) is accurate at the date/time of posting, however, it may change w/o notice. Promo code, if any, may expire anytime. Offer is good while supplies last. #AD

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